The University of Arkansas’ newest residence hall has officially been dedicated. Adohi Hall was dedicated Friday afternoon with more than 100 people in attendance.

Florence Johnson, assistant vice chancellor for housing, said that this project has been a long time coming. The vision for the new residence hall started in 2013. Housing wanted something bold, and bold they got.

For the first time in 10 years, adequate space for upperclassman to live on campus is now available. 708 beds throughout the hall and countless numbers of common spaces provide ample space for students to explore their creativity. The recording studio, makerspace including 3-D printers, music rehearsal spaces, and the dance studio allow students an outlet for whatever they would like to do.

The word Adohi is a Cherokee word meaning “woods” and the hall sits near a plaque commemorating the Trail of Tears.

“Thank you so much to the Native American students and faculty on campus who helped guide us to this name,” Johnson said.

The name also references the sustainable cross-laminated timber that the building is constructed out of. Cross-laminated timber is wood panels made from gluing layers of lumber together. It is lightweight, yet very strong.

According to Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz, at the time of construction, Adohi Hall was the largest project of cross-laminated timber in the country. The University of Arkansas has acknowledged the potential economic benefits that this type of construction has to offer. The number of jobs connected to the timber industry and the sustainability of cross-laminated timber provides a new realm of possibilities.

Steinmetz said that Adohi Hall will provide a much richer student experience, along with the benefits of living on campus.

“Students living on campus have higher retention rates and higher graduation rates,” Steinmetz said.

Please visit: for more information about Adohi Hall and to find out how you can support students living in this amazing space, or even name a residence hall room or other area in this incredible living environment.