University of Arkansas students are getting an education in crosswalk safety through a new video created by UA Productions in the Division of Student Affairs in collaboration with the University of Arkansas Police Department (UAPD).

It is an expectation that a driver on the street has a lot of responsibility, and rightly so. There should never be any distractions internally or externally regardless of driving experience when someone is in control of a 2,000-pound vehicle. The pedestrian has accountability too and that is where the University of Arkansas video differs from many crosswalk safety videos that have been produced.

“We needed a video to identify the multiple areas of concern and responsibility when it comes to respecting crosswalk safety,” said Allen Porter, community outreach and involvement officer with UAPD. “As a society, we rely too heavily on the responsibility of the driver when it comes to Crosswalk Safety and not as much on the equally responsible pedestrian, but crossing the street is a ‘two way’ responsibility.”

The video spells out that anyone approaching the crosswalk should look up from their phone. Look both ways. Get the driver’s acknowledgement and then cross the street.

“As a police officer responsible for campus safety, I take avoidable injuries personally,” Porter said, “and if this video created by UA Productions helps in bringing crosswalk safety and responsibility to someone then the effort was worth it.” 

“Beginning in Fall 2018, all new students have been invited to complete the Blackboard Activities after orientation but before the first day of class,” said Deborah Korth, clinical associate professor and director of Fulbright Student Success. “The purpose of the assignments is to help the students get acquainted with campus, introduce them to different resources across campus, and help them make a success plan for their time at the university.”

This past year so many students remained engaged with Destination Arkansas Blackboard Activities (DABA) throughout the academic year that we decided to keep sharing important, relevant information with them such as the new crosswalk safety video.

“The addition of the crosswalk safety video to the curriculum of DABA is one part of the ongoing effort to educate our students about campus safety,” said Lori Lander, assistant vice chancellor for Campus Life and associate dean of students. “We plan to continue to add videos that highlight the various aspects of safety across our campus.”

UA Productions is a group of student graphic designers, video producers, photographers and writers employed by the Division of Student Affairs to help create communications for Student Affairs and the University of Arkansas.