Robyn Starling Ledbetter

Staff Q & A

Hometown: Delight, AR, but calls Fayetteville home since 2004

Title: Director of Student Media

Years of Service (UofA): 12

Education both undergrad and grad schools if you have graduate degree: BA in Jour U of A 2000, MA Jour U of A 2006

How long have you been at the University of Arkansas in Student Affairs? What have you enjoyed most about your time here? 

This is year three for me as the Director of Student Media in the Division of Student Affairs, but I have been a member of the School of Journalism and Strategic Media Faculty since 2007.  I served as the faculty advisor for UATV for 10 years.

I have loved learning about student life on this campus and what the division does.  It builds a community and really helps engage all aspects of student life.  It’s very special.

Tell us a little about your role in Student Affairs. What brings you joy in this role?

I oversee the U of A’s six student media entities: UATV, The Arkansas Traveler, Main Hill Media, Hill Magazine, the Razorback Yearbook and KXUA. Our newsroom is a real learning lab for students.  I work hard to make sure it is industry standard.  We are always evolving and moving forward.

Mentoring and working closely with student leaders is by far the best part of my job.  To see them grow as journalists and professionals is extremely rewarding. 

What is the greatest misconception people have about Student Affairs and how do you break that?

I’m not sure there are misconceptions, but I do think students aren’t sure what it all encompasses.  From student media to housing….it is truly what student life is about on our campus.  I tell any student that will listen that they must take advantage of the opportunities student affairs gives them. Be engaged and enjoy this time.  It is special and our division works tirelessly to help students succeed.

What do you like to do with your time outside of the University?

I’m the mother of two teenage girls and they keep us busy!  After work I am a professional mom-taxi and you can often find me driving back and forth from dance, choir and school activities.  We also have two dogs, Lulu and Sybbie, and one cat, Clara.  My husband and I are just trying to keep up with this crazy crew!  I love to cook, read, travel and listen to my girls sing.

What do you hope students and colleagues will remember about your interactions?

I hope I’m remembered as a big picture thinker who is constantly looking at what the next step is and exploring ways to improve student media.  I want to be remembered as a professional who works hard and goes the extra mile to think outside of the box.

Is there anything else you would like to add or let our readers know?

Participation in Student Media is open to any student at the University; it is not restricted to journalism majors. Students can join at any time, from their first day on campus, to get as much experience as they want. We also have a full-service creative advertising agency, Main Hill Media, run by students.  They can help design social media campaigns, ads, video production—stop by and let them help your organization.