Landry Chopin

Student Q & A

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Year in School: Senior

College: Walton College of Business

Major of Study: Business Marketing and a minor in Information Systems

Tell us something about your academic passions and how those relate to your role in Student Affairs program or department?

Call me a nerd, but I love school and getting to learn new things. College has been the best of both worlds for me because there is an opportunity to learn academics, but also experience social independence. Working for University Programs in the Office of Student Activities has taught me valuable communication and leadership skills to support my marketing major. I now know how to work in an office environment and respectfully work with others.

What has been your greatest experience outside of the classroom?

I am going to choose to talk about a University Programs event. I love all the events we host on campus, but I think my favorite event we ever held was when the Visual and Performing Arts chair invited blind artist, John Bramblet to campus. We got to wear blind folds and use paints with different textures to simulate what it was like to paint blind. There was a Q&A at the end and getting to hear the artist talk about his work was so interesting to me. Because I was on the committee at the time, we were invited to go out to dinner with him after the event! It was so neat getting to hear all his stories. He even brought his seeing eye dog!

What advice would you give new students about getting involved on campus?

Don’t be afraid to branch out! There are so many groups and clubs on campus that you’re bound to find one that interests you. I joined 3 or 4 clubs my freshman year and it was the best way to get to know people and see familiar faces on campus.

What do you like to do with your time outside of the university?           

I enjoy spending time with my friends and finding new places to hang out in Fayetteville. When I’m alone I put on some music and cook with random things I have in the kitchen. Kind of like that show on Food Network!

When do you plan to graduate and what is coming next for you?

I plan to graduate in the Spring of 2020. My Dad jokingly made a comment about going straight to my master’s after graduation. I laughed. I will definitely a need a break from academics for a while, that’s for sure! I’m not quite sure of what will be next, but I know that with my Marketing degree there are many opportunities available to me. I would love to work abroad one day!

Is there anything else you would like to add or let our readers know?

I am super excited about the great year of programs we [University Programs] have lined up for this coming school year and I’m looking forward to meeting the Razorback class of 2024!