Welcome to the first edition of the Student Affairs Bulletin, the official blog of the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Arkansas!

In this blog we will take you behind the scenes of Student Affairs and meet some of the staff who work tirelessly each day to help students succeed. You will learn about our many programs and services that educate and inform students and you will learn about our student scholarships and how you can contribute to student success.

In this inaugural issue we have a story about the naming dedication of two residence halls for the first African American professors on the University of Arkansas campus – Margaret Clark and Gordon Morgan. This was a wonderful ceremony and we hope you enjoy the story, photos and video of this historic occasion. Also, in this issue we take a look at the first Civil Rights Bus Tour held this past Spring Break as students and staff toured iconic location in the Civil Rights movement. See and hear their experiences in their own words and find out what this trip meant to them.

We will even feature a question and answer session with a staff member and a student each month. In our first Q&A’s you’ll find out more about our Director of Student Activities, Mary Skinner, and the student president of University Programs, Landry Chopin.

It is our hope that this publication keeps you connected to Student Affairs and those who make up its heart and soul. We will post new stories regularly at (Student Affairs Bulletin) and a monthly email round up will showcase some of the best so you are always in the know.